New York City is one of the largest and busiest, as well as populated cities in America. This is why it isn’t surprising that there is no shortage of keto friendly places to eat.

Those who are looking for the best keto friendly restaurants in NYC can check out these top 20 places.

The Top 20 Keto Friendly Restaurants In NYC

keto restaurants in new york city

1. Springbone Kitchen

First up is the Springbone Kitchen, which is one of the top gluten-free restaurants in the city. They specialize in not only gluten-free meals, but also vegan, vegetarian and bone broth eats. Those who are on a keto diet will have no problems finding keto-friendly meals at Springbone Kitchen.

2. Hu Kitchen

78 5th Ave is where Hu Kitchen can be found. Gluten-free and veggie-oriented foods are served here, but it is recommended that diners try out some of their soups. On that note, many of their meals are organic. As for price, Hu Kitchen is one of the more affordable keto-friendly restaurants in NYC, but make sure to get there earlier than 9:30pm, as that’s the time Hu Kitchen closes on most nights.

3. Chelsea Market

If people aren’t sure where they want to eat, but they want to quickly compare their options of keto-friendly restaurants in NYC, then they don’t have to look any further than the Chelsea Market. There are a handful of eateries in the market, and this includes The Nut Box and The Lobster Place. For those who are huge fans of seafood, then the Lobster Place is a must-visit.

4. Los Tacos NO1

As anyone can guess by the name, Los Tacos NO1 is a taco place. It is a keto-friendly restaurant with no shortages of options for taco dishes. It’s also located within the Chelsea Market and it’s open every single day of the week. Bear in mind that the set-up is street style, which means you’ll be standing up to eat your meals.

5. BroDo

BroDo has four different locations across the city, but it’s not really a restaurant. It’s more of a shop, and they specialize in bone broth. In fact, BroDo serves four different styles of broth, all of which are fresh and diners can choose from an array of add-ins. Those who are on a keto-diet and looking for something a bit different to eat should definitely pop into one of BroDo’s locations.

6. Bareburger

Another great keto-friendly restaurant is Bareburger, a hamburger restaurant that is inexpensive. One of the best things about Bareburger is that they serve completely organic burgers that range from beef burgers to bison. Also, if someone enjoys a bit of drinks, then they can order beer and wine while there.

7. Nature Works

For those who are always on the go and looking for a place, they can quickly grab and eat some keto-friendly meals at should check out Nature Works. It is a counter-serve style restaurant, but it focuses on serving healthy foods. There’s plenty of vegetarian options there too. It’s open for business daily, except on Sundays.

8. The Protein Bakery

This is a bakery, but it’s easily considered one of the top keto-friendly eateries in all of NYC. It’s not your average run-of-the-mill type of bakery, as it offers gourmet gluten-free pastries. It’s classed as a kosher bakeshop, but do make sure to check the hours of operation because they do close early evenings on most nights. By the way, those who want high protein-packed baked goods will definitely want to check this place out.

9. Muscle Maker Grill

This is another restaurant with a primary focus on healthy food, and they are open seven days per week from 11am to 10pm. From salads to wraps to healthy shakes and more, Muscle Maker Grill has it all. There are also dozens and dozens of positive reviews written on Google about the restaurant, so the chances are anybody looking for good food will find it here.

10. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Number 10 on our list probably sounds familiar and that is because Chipotle Mexican Grill has locations all across the nation. In NYC, they have over 10 locations scattered, and it is a must-visit for those who love Mexican food at an affordable price. Some of the most popular items people get here includes tacos, burritos, and bowls. The restaurant also offers design-it-yourself options, mainly for burritos and tacos.

The above 10 restaurants are all keto-friendly places. Each are unique in their own way and offer a lot of value. Do bear in mind that it’s a good idea to call ahead of time to make reservations at some of those restaurants, especially the sit-down ones. With that said, continue to read on for 10 more keto-friendly restaurants in NYC.

11. Snax Spot

This is another hamburger joint that is keto-friendly, but it is highly recommended that customers try out any of the burgers there. Also, the gyro and the garlic fries are good too, if that’s of interest to customers. Furthermore, Snax Spot is the ideal place to go to for a quick lunch, but do pop in for dinner.

Snax Spot is considered to be an informal dining spot. There is no need to get all dressed up or anything like that. Furthermore, the customer service is exceptional, so expect to receive that on top of great tasting food.

On that note, it’s worth pointing out the prices. Snax Spot is one of the cheapest restaurants on this list, even when it comes to keto-friendly. Given that the restaurant is right on 9th Ave, it’s surprising at how affordable the restaurant is. Just make sure to get there no later than 9pm, as that’s the time it closes on most days.

12. Dig Inn

Dig Inn has a menu that contains keto-friendly foods, but that’s not the only reason why people should pay it a visit. The restaurant buys from mainly small-scale and minority-run farms and they focus on providing support to those that implement sustainable growing practices. Besides that, Dig Inn has their own farm located in Upstate New York.

The Dig Inn is constantly changing up their menu too, which means customers get to enjoy trying different things. Generally speaking, they tend to change up their menus drastically when the seasons change. During seasons, they still may change things up a bit, but things really undergo a change when seasons change.

One of the best things about Dig Inn is they deliver. Customers can also pre-order and go and get their food at their convenience. Dig Inn is known for their speedy service, friendly service and their prices.

Anybody who loves good food at a good price should check out Dig Inn. Hands down, it’s one of the top keto-friendly joints in the city. For first-time visitors, they should definitely try a few items off the menu, especially the Evy Palmer Tea.

13. Cheska’s

For those who love a good pizza restaurant, then look no further than Cheska’s over in NoHo. This isn’t your average pizza joint because the pizzas served here are healthy. It is another restaurant that focuses on serving gluten-free food.

As for what kind of pizza customers can get there, there are many. Best of all, the pizzas are creative and bears names such as Nutty Nuttella Pizza or Protein Pizza Please. Another impressive feat is that Cheska’s is actually cheap when it comes to their pizza. For affordable keto-friendly food items, then pop into Cheska’s.

14. Keens Steakhouse

There is nothing tastier than a good steak and steakhouses are some of the best restaurants to find keto-friendly foods. That said, number 14 on our list is Keens Steakhouse. This is the place to be for mouthwatering steaks that fall apart in your mouth.

This steakhouse has been around since 1885 and has grown to become one of the most popular steakhouses in all of NYC. Here’s a tip, try the lamb because Keens Steakhouses whips up some of the best-tasting lamb in the city. Don’t forget to check out the many keto-friendly salads that the restaurant serves up.

In terms of prices, Keens Steakhouse keeps things more than fair. Diners get a lot for their money when they dine at Keens Steakhouse. Expect to spend around $100, which is not a whole lot of money considering its location.

15. Donburiya

This keto-friendly joint can be found at 253 W 55th Street. It’s a moderate-priced restaurant, so expect to spend around $30 per meal here. If looking for a very late night meal, then head over to it in the middle of the night if going on a Saturday or Sunday evening. It’s open until 4am on those nights.

Restaurant goers shouldn’t have a difficult time eating keto while at Donburiya. Just make sure to stick with the seafood and avoid food items such as the noodles, sweet sauces and the rice. If a visitor is a fan of meat, then no worries because there are several types to choose from.

16. Grand Lux Cafe

This might be a cafe, but it is keto-friendly and serves up an array of cafe-style dishes. Since it is a cafe, do make sure to get their early, as Gran Lux Cafe is open until 1pm on most nights, but on Friday’s it stays open until midnight. Feel free to pop in for a brunch or a lunch.

There are quite a few positive reviews written about Grand Lux Cafe. The reviews have mentioned just how good the food is. This is exactly why anybody should give the restaurant a try.

17. Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a national chain of restaurants, but they are classed as fast-food. They are not on the same level as many traditional fast-food restaurants. In fact, Panera Bread has plenty of healthy options and they are classed as a casual restaurant, so there is no need to dress in formal attire.

As for what people should get while visiting Panera Bread, there are a few options. One of those options includes Greek salad and another option includes the Caesar Salad with chicken.

18. Chick-fil-A

The best choice to go with here is the grilled chicken breast, Besides that, diners can give the original chicken breast a try too. However, there are other menu options diners can try, but they should definitely give one of those two a try.

Is fresh fast-food something that sounds interesting? How about fast-food that tastes nothing short of amazing? If so, then definitely go to Chick-fil-A. Do order the grilled chicken because it tastes impressive.

19. BarBacon Union Square

BarBacon is located in Greenwich Village. It’s an American-style restaurant that serves breakfast, brunch, sandwiches and more. It is on the pricey side, but BarBacon provides a ton of value for the money.

For those who enjoy sitting down and eating, they should book a table if they want to go to BarBacon on the weekend. This tends to be the busiest time for them. The sooner one books a table, the better.

20. Burger & Lobster

The last on the list is Burger & Lobster, which is all about serving burgers and lobsters, but there are a number of other food items to order at Burger & Lobster. Seafood is excellent for those on the keto diet, which makes Burger & Lobster one of the top keto-friendly restaurants in the city.

With over 5,000 reviews on Yelp and the majority of them being positive, it’s safe to say people should definitely dine at Burger & Lobster.

Got More Places To Eat Keto in NYC?

Those are the top keto friendly restaurants in NYC. Those who are on the keto diet and plan on visiting NYC should definitely consider dining out at one of those restaurants.

If I am missing anything from this list, please let me know in the comment section below!