Purefit Keto Review – Shark Tank Scandal + Before and After Pics [2019]

What is Purefit KETO?

Purefit KETO is non-GMO and made with all-natural ingredients.  Purefit KETO contains magnesium BHB, calcium BHB and sodium BHB in a proprietary blend totalling 800 mg per capsule. Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is one of the first ketone bodies the liver produces when it is in the earliest stages of transitioning to ketosis.

Purefit KETO also contains magnesium stearate which is an inert material that is popular in the pharmaceutical industry as a filler in tablets and capsules.  Purefit KETO also contains Garcinia Cambogia and young green barley, as well as the herbs forskolin and ginseng. 

The company offers a 100% money back guarantee.  So you can try Purefit KETO just by filling out your contact on their website

Being in the Ketogenic Diet industry for quite a while, you see many products come and go.

Purefit KETO has been around for quite a while, so I decide to do some research to see if they are a legit product, or something you should avoid.

Keto Purefit Price?

The cost of Keto Purefit is $49.99 for a 30-day supply (60 capsules).  There is also discounts available for 60 day and 90 day supplies as well.

Why I use Keto Supplements

purefit keto bottlepurefit keto bottle

When I first started on the Ketogenic Diet, the keto supplement market is nothing like it is today. Being a keto cookbook author, I really didn’t see the need for them at first.

Boy was I wrong! I wish I started using them before, because it would have made getting into and staying in ketosis so much easier.

That’s why I am fascinated by how the exogenous keto market has developed and how products like Purefit Keto perform because I want to make sure I am taking the best supplements and pass on what I learn to you. 

Keto Supplement Buying Guide

Are you motivated to lose a lot of weight? Don’t feel like taking five years to do it? Then the Keto diet may be a good choice for you. While you begin drastically cutting carbs and planning all those protein meals, you might want to get off to a quick start.  Exogenous ketone supplements help to get you into the ketosis state quicker than the diet alone. Here are some important questions to consider before buying a keto supplement. 

  • Are you currently on a Keto diet? If you are just about to begin or are following a Ketogenic diet religiously every day, then taking an exogenous ketone supplement may be beneficial. The keto supplement can help your body enter the ketosis state quicker. Using the supplement means faster fat burning and maybe more energy to boot. However, if you’re a casual dieter and not on a ketogenic diet, taking an exogenous ketone supplement is probably a waste of your money. 
  • Read the directions Make sure that any Ketogenic supplement contains actual ketones like BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate). Do the ingredients just list ‘keto’ instead? Research each of the ingredients listed on each package. Avoid those ingredients that might sabotage your diet. 
  • Do you test your ketone levels as directed? It is crucial that you test your urine with keto sticks. You will need to have the information to judge how well your Keto diet is working and what it takes to stay in ketosis. Testing is simple and painless. You will develop a good sense of the ratio of food to exercise to ketones that will work best for you. 

Any ketone supplement is a tool you can use to have a more successful Keto diet experience. They are not a substitute for the diet. As an additional aide, read our reviews of the six Best Ketogenic Cookbooks

What Are the Benefits of Purefit KETO?

The most significant benefit of Purefit KETO is its ability to help your body enter ketosis quickly and remain longer in that state. How will this help you with your diet? 

Helps You Reach Ketosis Quickly

The dose of Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) contained in the two capsules of Purefit KETO has enough exogenous ketones to ultra-charge your liver’s ability to begin using fat stores for energy. You will find that you will have greater control over your eating that will ensure you keep with the ketogenic diet easier and for a longer time. 

Ketones May Help You Lose Weight

By controlling your appetite, you can control your weight. Many of today’s most common diet-driven diseases like diabetes, can be avoided by maintaining a healthy weight. Purefit KETO can be your answer to avoiding these dangerous health states. Purefit KETO claims weight loss rates of up to one pound per day when following the Keto diet and using Purefit KETO. This weight loss claims to be more effective in abdominal weight loss. 

Ketones May Help You Avoid Common Side Effects

When beginning a Keto diet, some dieters find that they suffer from the so-called Keto Flu, a feeling of nausea and fatigue. A supplement like Purefit KETO can help lessen or avoid these symptoms. The supplement allows better sleep than Keto dieters would otherwise get. 

Exogenous Ketones Can Improve Athletic Endurance

In some studies, athletes who took exogenous ketones ran farther than those who took in fats or carbohydrates. Ketogenesis helps to prevent depletion of glycogen levels. 

Purefit KETO May Offer Promise in Neurological Disorders

Exogenous ketone supplements seem to help mental functioning. Scientists are studying their effect in seizures, memory impairment, along with general neurological impairment and damage. There seems to be a correlation between better brain function and the use of exogenous ketone supplements. 

There are some features and warnings of Purefit KETO that might warrant a bit of caution. 

  • A person with diabetes or a person with kidney disease will be in health trouble almost immediately by taking Purefit KETO or similar products. Even eating a Keto diet is dangerous for these patients.
  • Adequate protein and religiously monitoring all carbohydrate intake are crucial requirements in the Keto diet. Ignoring these and, instead, depending on an exogenous BHB supplement to keep you in ketoacidosis permanently is a serious mistake. 
  • Claims such as improved athletic prowess, better digestion, clearer thinking, etc. may be exaggerated or not apply to everyone using the product. 

What are other people saying about Purefit KETO?

This product has provoked a lot of good and bad feedback from other users:

How Does Purefit KETO Compare to Similar Products?

Purefit is up against some very stiff competition in the exogenous ketone supplement space. To see how it stacks up to the competition I broke it down against it’s main competitors.

Purefit  vs Pruvit KETO OS 

Pruvit KETO OS is one of the market leaders in the ketogenic supplement space. There are several differences between it and Purefit KETO. 

Pruvit KETO OS is a powder that you mix with liquid and drink twice each day. The sweeteners in the mix hide the taste of the supplement, but some users noticed a pronounced after-taste. The powder comes in five flavours, Chocolate Swirl, Maui Punch, Orange Dream, Swiss Cacao and Raspberry Lemonade. The Pruvit KETO OS supplement is more expensive than that of Purefit. 

KETO BHB vs Purefit

KETO BHB by RSP Nutrition is another popular choice of the KETO dieters’ set. Here are some comparisons with Purefit KETO. 

Like Purefit KETO, KETO BHB recommends that users should take two capsules with the first meal of the day. Both products use the capsule form which means that means no special preparation and no taste or aftertaste. Both products have the same ingredients. The price of KETO BHB is less than Purefit KETO. 

Purefit vs KetoForce 

KetoForce is currently an Amazon’s Choice winner. Here’s how it stacks up with Purefit KETO. 

KetoSports contains 11.7 grams of BHB per serving compared to 800 milligrams in Purefit KETO. The KetoSports product is an unflavoured powder that the dieter mixes with an acidic drink. Which makes it not so tasty.

Purefit KETO requires no preparation since it is a capsule. The Ketoforce Sports product comes in a 16-ounce bottle and around the price is about the same as Purefit KETO. 

Purefit Keto Shark Tank Controversy

Allegedly Purefit KETO has stated that they were featured on the  Shark Tank TV show and received funding. However, I could not find the episode they were featured on in any Youtube video.

Then I did a little more research and found that the Better Business Bureau had this to say:

concerning PureFit KETO….Specifically, the submission details consumer confusion regarding PureFit KETO’s claim that the product is supported by Shark Tank judges and was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

BBB has confirmed that the images appearing on PureFit KETO’s website were taken from a separate Shank Tank episode that does not mention PureFit KETO. Internal research has been unable to locate any episodes of Shark Tank that featured PureFit KETO. 

Is Purefit Worth It?

Purefit Keto is a worthy competitor in the exogenous ketone market. There are many people out there calling it a scam, and quite honestly the whole Purefit Keto Shark Tank thing is pretty sketchy and it is not helping their cause.

But Purefit Keto is a good product that has given people real weight loss results for quite a while now. Many people seem to love the product and swear by its results.

So if your looking for an exogenous keto product to help you lose weight, Purefit Keto is a good place to start. I would recommend getting a bottle first and see how you like it before buying more.

Purefit KETO supplement earned the following ratings based off my in-depth research:

  • Safety: 7
  • Quality of Ingredients: 7
  • Effectiveness in Weight Loss: 7
  • Cost vs. Value: 7 

Total Value Rating: 7 out of 10