If you’re on the ketogenic diet and you’re traveling or are currently living or working in Toronto, you may be wondering where you are able to eat keto in the city. After all, it’s not always possible to pack a home-made lunch.

So what are the best Ketogenic restaurants in Toronto? The top places to eat keto in Toronto include The Pickle Barrel, Jack Astor’s, and Burger’s Priest, as well as independently owned stores like Zaad and b.good.

In general, you can find a keto meal in most restaurants by asking for low-carb options. For example, if you got to a burger place, you can ask for a lettuce-bun rather than bread. Be careful with sauces, drinks, and dressings as they may have high amounts of carbs or sugars.

best keto Restaurants toronto

Best Places to Eat Keto in Toronto?

The Pickle Barrel

With several locations in Toronto including the Yonge Eglinton Centre and the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, The Pickle Barrel serves North American-style food with over 300 items on their menu.

Their opening hours are 9AM – 11PM Sundays to Thursdays, and 9AM – midnight Fridays and Saturdays. We recommend the Miso Cedar Planked Salmon (45g of protein, 15g fat, 8g carbs per serving) or the Hoisin Beef with Baby Bok Choy (51g protein, 16g fat, 25g carbs per portion).

Jack Astor’s

Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill is another North America-style restaurant and bar that offers many keto-friendly options. Their burgers can be customized with lettuce-buns per request, and some dishes that are great for keto-diets include their Bangkok Spring Rolls (23g protein, 7g fat, 20g carbs per serving) or their Smoky Mozz Burger (125g protein, 69g fat, 3g carbs).

Their opening hours are from 11:30AM to 1AM Sundays to Wednesdays, and 11:30AM to 2AM Thursdays to Saturdays.

Burro Burrito

Located in Little Italy at 655 College St., Burro Burrito offers salads, quesadillas, tacos, and burritos that can all be customized to a ketogenic diet. Ask for a naked or sans-tortilla burrito, or opt for a salad with some of their great mole chicken or chorizo. Skip the rice and add on some avocado and cheese and you’ve got a great keto meal on the go.


This fantastic Portuguese BBQ chicken restaurant has locations at St. Clair and the St. Lawrence market. Their charcoal-grilled chicken with a Caesar salad on the side (no croutons) is a great option for those on a keto diet. They are open from noon to 8PM seven days a week.

 The Works

This gourmet burger bistro offers fully customizable burger combinations with several different types of patties (including cheese-stuffed beef, wagyu beef, crispy chicken).

Make sure to ask for your burger without a bun, replace the bun with lettuce, or opt for one of their salads, such as the Waldork, which comes with lettuce, beets, avocado, and blue cheese. Make sure to ask the server for a dressing that is low in both carbs and sugar. Their Toronto locations include Bloor West and the St. Lawrence market, open from 11AM – 10PM every day. 


This juice bar serves some of the best keto-friendly smoothies in Toronto.  They are made with avocado or MCT oil, almond milk, flax seed, BCAAs, and no sugar. Their smoothies have 30g of protein each, and their keto shakes come in vanilla, chocolate, and berry.

A great-tasting keto option is their Peanut Butter Chocolate protein shake that comes with 30g of protein, is vegan and gluten-free, and has no refined sugar! They also offer great smoothie bowls. There are two Fuel+ locations in Toronto: at 469 Front Street E and 471 Church Street. Both locations are open 7:30 AM – 6PM Mondays to Fridays, and 9AM to 5PM Saturdays and Sundays. 


b.good is a sustainably and locally sourced salad, burger, and sandwich place. They have four locations in Toronto, with differing opening hours. Their Avocado and Orange Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad (31g protein, 16g fat, 17g carbs), and Harvest Kale Salad are all great keto-friendly options. Just make sure you ask for no croutons.

Burger’s Priest

This burger place has several locations in Toronto, including Queen St. E, Adelaide St. W, and Queen St. W. They are open from 11AM – 10PM Mondays to Wednesdays, 11AM – midnight Thursdays to Saturdays, and 11AM – 8PM on Sundays.

They offer plenty of mouth-watering cheesburgers including a bacon double cheeseburger (self-explanatory), the High Priest (two beef patties, cheese, pickles, lettuce and onions with “secret sauce”), the Red Sea (cheeseburger with chili), and more. As always, make sure to ask for a burger without a bun or a lettuce-bun. 

Dirty Grill

Located at 1390 Don Mills Rd. in Toronto, this burger, sandwich, and burrito place serves fresh food (cooked right in front of you). Great keto options include burrito bowls or burgers without buns, with additional options like avocado and cheese on the side. They also offer a juice and smoothie bar with keto-friendly options including protein scoops, almond milk, yogurt, and walnuts.


For those who have a hankering for Middle Eastern food, Zaad is a great option that will also cater to your ketogenic diet and needs. You can find shawarma bowls, salads, and kebabs here, as well as in-house pickles and fresh juice. Make sure you ask for no flatbread or wraps but try the lamb and the garlic sauce.



This restaurant is famous for their sushi burritos, but also serves poke and salads which are much more keto-friendly. They currently have four locations and two new locations under construction. They are typically open from 11AM – 10PM, except for Sundays and public holidays, when they are open from noon to 9PM. For those on a ketogenic diet, we recommend a kale salad with salmon and avocado. Watch out for sugary sauces, rice, and fruits, but make sure to try their avocado smoothies.


Yes, that’s correct. Don’t roll your eyes! Even fast-food places can be keto-friendly. Just make sure to look for options like their Caesar salad and ask for no croutons. When ordering burgers, as for no buns. And watch out for their sauces and drinks, which can be very sugary. Avoid any breaded chicken items as well.

IQ Food Co.

Found at 7 locations in Toronto including Yorkdale Shopping Centre and TD Centre, this restaurant offers locally and sustainably sourced food. Most of their ingredients are organic and plant-based, but there are some dairy and meat options as well. We recommend their Almond Chicken Salad, Market Bowl, or Chicken Kale Caesar (which comes with vegan dressing).

Panera Bread

Another fast-food option for people on a ketogenic diet is Panera Bread. Don’t let the name of the restaurant mislead you! There are plenty of low-carb options on their menu if you just take the time to make adjustments.

For example, some of their breakfast sandwiches are great if you forego the bread, including Egg and Cheese Sandwich. For lunch and dinner as well, order sandwiches with no bread—ask if you can have the sandwich served between slices of lettuce. Of course, their salads are also great choices, including the Green Goddess Cobb Salad. Add some extra protein in the form of chicken, and you’re good to go!

What About Keto Stores in Toronto?

The Low Carb Grocery

Check out their Toronto locations that sell low-carb items such as Shirataki noodles and low-carb bagels and muffins. Shop at their online store for delivery or look for their locations in Markham and/or Mississauga.

Keto Bakery Toronto

The Butternut Baking Co.

This gluten-free and low-carb bakery can be found at Dundas Street W. and is open from Tuesdays – Thursdays 10AM – 6PM, Fridays 10AM – 7PM, and Sundays 11AM – 5PM. Their desserts are made with almond flour and/or other nut flours, coconut oil, natural sweeteners, and plant-based food coloring. They offer cakes, donuts, and cookies. They accept orders for parties and events, including holiday cookies and treats (gingerbread, streusel, shortbread, and more).

Unbun Foods

These keto products can be found all over Toronto at other keto stores such as Pusateri’s (176 Yonge St., The Burger’s Priest (mentioned above), and Fox and Fiddle (17 Fort York Blvd). These “buns” are keto- and paleo-friendly, made with only eight ingredients. Their products also include “mini-baguettes” and vegan unbuns.

Looking for Keto Bakeries in Mississauga?

Toronto seems like they always get the best of everything, but don’t worry Mississauga you haven’t been completely overlooked when it comes to having your very own keto bakery:

The Social Bakeshop

A keto bakery in Mississauga, The Social Bakeshop is located at 129B Lakeshore Road East. They are open Tuesday – Friday 11AM – 6PM, Saturdays 10AM – 6PM, and Sundays 11AM – 4PM. They are also peanut and tree nut free. Come for their keto-friendly muffins and brownies but stay for their keto oven pizzas!