The Ketogenic diet has become one of the great diet and lifestyle success stories of recent years. Cutting down on carbs (or eliminating them altogether) has changed the health outlook of many people who had prior to the keto revolution simply struggled to stick to a diet.

One of the reasons for the success of the diet has been the simply enormous variety of meals that can be prepared – more than enough to be even the fussiest of eaters satisfied.

The sheer abundance of health food stores that have sprung up in recent years has also made the diet more popular than ever before – and made home cooking based on Keto principles more fun than ever before.

However socializing- and especially going out for a meal can present a challenge. No one wants to be viewed as a picky and demanding diner, however the selection of a restaurant where the needs of those following the Keto diet was for some time a bit of a hit and miss affair.

Things are now changing and there is a wider variety of ‘Keto Friendly’ dining establishments than ever before.

With some forward planning cities like Los Angeles will welcome Keto diners with open arms – one simply has to find that restaurant that makes both health sense – and delivers on taste (and value).

So here are some ideas.

Good Keto Restaurants in Los Angeles

picture of keto restaurants in los angeles

1. Sevan Chicken Rotisserie

Chicken is a great protein choice for those who are on their Ketogenic journey – and the delights of Rotisserie chicken hardly need any explanation.

The Mediterranean inspired chicken that is produced at this restaurant are among the best that LA has to offer, juicy white flesh and crispy skin make it a definite Keto crowd pleaser. It also offers great value for money.

2. The Soh Grill House

Korean Barbecue by its very nature is mostly very Keto friendy – if the decision is made to skip the marinades and stick to the many meat options. this restaurant has become a favorite with Keto dieters simply because the quality of the meat puts it into a league of its own.

It also boasts some incredible vegetarian options on the menu that round off a great Keto inspired culinary experience.

3. The Tam O’Shanter

If the Keto devotee has a hankering for ribs then this is the place to take a seat. Throw in some of the freshest horseradish that is available anywhere in the city and you have the perfect recipe for an exceptional dining experience.

Even if the decision is taken to avoid the side dishes (some of which do contain small amounts of flour) just savoring those succulent ribs is enough to satisfy any potential protein carving the discerning diner might have. the decor is old school and cozy – and the ribs are fantastic a delight.

4. The APL Restaurant

It goes without saying that the protein experience makes the Keto diet perfect for meat lovers – and if there is one restaurant in LA that comes just about as close to paradise for those who like a great steak it is this dining destination.

The seafood options are well worth exploring as well. There is also no need to limit side dishes. this restaurant makes an exceptional creamed spinach and some of the best-steamed asparagus that can be found anywhere in LA. The dry aged steaks are a toothsome, succulent and tender experience.

5. In-N-Out Burger

It may seem a bit odd to include a fast-food chain on a list of great Keto friendly options in Los Angeles. however, for those who want something quick and delicious, it has become a firm favorite. This is due in part to the lettuce-wrapped burger.

The service is fast and friendly, the prices are right and the experience is simply one of the best ‘no frills’ eating experiences in the city. Take a seat – or take out. The choice is up to the diner – but the quality will provide that fast food treat that even the most diligent of Keto dieters will crave every now and then.

6. Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio

Style, class and a fantastic menu make this Beverley Hills institution into a Ket favorite dining destination. The fresh fish is especially noteworthy. Deboned a prepared in a charcoal grill it is simply a delight. The ambiance and Greek menu is a delight.

As is the decor and professionalism of the staff. Aside from the fish and other seafood choices they also make a great chicken – and the steaks cannot be faulted.

7. Feng Mao Lamb Kebab

Unpretentious is one of the words that can be used to describe this dining destination. However, it provides some of the best kebabs in the city. It doesn’t really make a difference which option the keto focused diner chooses.

The squid, lamb, and poultry are all equally delicious. The prawn kebab is a succulent delight of inspired Chinese / Korean culinary magic. The wallet-friendly prices do not hurt either.

8. Chengdu Taste

Staying with the Asian style LA offerings the tremendously Keto friendly options from this great restaurant will leave even the most demanding of diners satisfied. The chicken skewer with its medley of grilled vegetables is a great choice.

The sliced fish which is boiled is as fresh as an ocean breeze – with the fiery, but manageable hot sauce adding just that right amount of heat to a deceptively simple dish.

9. Hwal Uh Kwang Jang

If the freshest and most lovingly prepared seafood is required then this restaurant will deliver the Keto diners dreams. The Tuna is thickly sliced and the incredibly well-regarded lobster Sashimi is a delight for both the eye and the tastebuds.

This is one of those restaurants where the diner immediately recognizes that a great deal of care has been taken to not only select the best – but to lavish love and care on each dish.

10. Del Frisco’s Grille

Back on the steak trail, Del Frisco’s Grille offers some of LA’s best choices. However, this is a place where you can feel free to explore a world of taste that does not have to exclusively focus on red meat. The options such as the ‘Steakhouse Salad’ is fabulous.

Not only is steak of the highest quality – but the dish also comes with deviled eggs, avocado, bacon, parmesan and blue cheese – and fresh as meadow cress. The starter of the artichoke is one of the best keto friendly ways to start off a meal.

11. Slab

If that meat hunger is too strong to resist then a trip to Slab provides an experience that will not be quickly forgotten. This dining establishment gets consistently great reviews from customers – and it’s not difficult to see why.

Fabulous smoky baby Back Ribs, brisket that simply shines (if you are feeling indulgent then the fattier cut is remarkable). The Collard Greens are also noteworthy. Fabulous and attentive staff elevate the entire experience into one that is close to sublime.

12. The Pampas Grill

If you are into great choice and wonderful buffet-style dining then this restaurant should be on your culinary bucket list – especially for the followers of the Keto based dietary lifestyle. the buffet choice is exceptional – and it means that customers really get to explore the many varied tastes on offer.

The steaks are exceptional – but the award for the best must surely go to the Sirloin Cap. this is another dining destination that offers exceptional value – especially considering the sheer quality (and choice) that the Brazillian inspired menu offers.

13. The Boiling Crab

This is nothing less than a seafood lovers paradise. The Cajun offerings rival any that are available anywhere in the U.S. the approach is deceptively simple. The diner is offered the choice of shrimp, crab. crawfish and other treats and selects his or her choice of flavorings.

The meal is then freshly prepared to be enjoyed. One thing t be aware of that this dining destination can get very busy on the weekend so it’s best to be prepared for a bit of a wait until you can take your set. The Garlic Crawfish is highly recommended.

14. The Pollo A La Brasa Western

If no-frills dining – but exceptional Keto friendly taste is what patrons demand then this Peruvian chicken restaurant is happy to deliver on that demand with some of the best chicken dishes in the city. The piquant green aji sauce is the perfect compliment to the fresh and simple tastes of the chicken at this dining destination.

15. Shabuya

Shabu Shabu is a great favorite with diners – but traditionally those on a carb reduced diet have not flocked to many of the destinations offering the cuisine. This is in part due to the impression that the portions may not be of sufficient for those who are going to be focused on protein.

However, the buffet-style offerings at Shabuya have turned that reservation on its head. The concept means that diners are free to explore the myriad delights of pork, shrimp and Ribeye to their heart’s content. This is another ‘all you can eat’ restaurant that offers not only a great choice – but also excellent value for money.

16. Fogo de Chão

Yet another Brazillian restaurant that has fast become a favorite with those following the Keto diet. The attractions of Brazillian cuisine for those who want to focus on the protein is not difficult to see. the menus are traditionally very focused on a variety of protein choices – and Fogo de Chão is not different.

Fabulous choice – and the addition of a salad bar make this restaurant the ideal destination for those in the keto frame of mind. Some of the dishes may seem a bit pricey (the long bone Ribeye ay $98 is a good example)but many of the meals serve groups – and are worth every penny.

17. TikiFish

Poke bowls are a great way for those on a Keto diet to not only enjoy the great taste – but low-calorie options as well. This unassuming restaurant offers a fabulous mixed greens version. Great choice of seafood means that there will be something on the menu for even the most demanding of diners. Add fresh uni to the mix, as well as some great avo and all the compi=onents come together in a symphony of taste.

18. The Maple Block Meat Co

Fabulous salsa verde and some of the best brisket in town (the ribs are also a great choice for those in the mood for some sticky-fingered dining). The freshly made citrus soda make a dining experience at this establishment one to be treasured.

They also do a great smoked salmon. For those in the mood for a pick me up with a breakfast twist the ‘Chopped Pork Benedict’ is very good.

The Best Places To Eat Keto In Los Angeles

For many years those who wanted to enjoy great health, as well as control their weight through sticking to the Keto diet were a little starved for choice. However, those days are long gone.

The cosmopolitan nature of the L.A. dining landscape has now evolved to such an extent that it will cater to a wide number of tastes and preferences.

The sheer quality of the Keto-friendly options that are today available to discerning diners is a testament to the inventiveness of chefs and restaurant owners across the city.

It is no longer necessary for those following a Keto diet to spend each and every day preparing meals at home. the choice is now as varied as the types of cuisine that are widely available.

This choice has meant that those who want to spend time socializing – and having a great meal with family and friends need not set themselves a limit – besides those which must be observed in order to make the Keto lifestyle a winning one.